We're hiring!

Ever wanted your skills and experience to really make a difference? Years of work allowed us to create Altfuture — a company independent from publishers and investors, creating and publishing our own original games, self-sufficiently. All decisions are made on the spot, by diversely experienced developers.

We released two PC games so far, Derail Valley (rated 92%) and Switchcars (rated 93%), and we're just getting started. We're currently looking for highly talented individuals to grow our team and together do so much more.

Game Developer / Programmer

Full-time — Belgrade, Serbia (remote possible*)

You are an experienced developer who can take complex tasks upon themselves and resolve them independently. You’re able to responsibly grasp abstract concepts into working, clean code that interfaces well with the existing codebase and serves the intended big picture goals. You can develop robust architectures and systems to support other developers and new features / content as needed.


  • Understand big picture goals and priorities from high-level discussion
  • Efficiently communicate execution steps to be taken and their complexity
  • Efficiently communicate ideas, progress and expected / encountered hurdles
  • Write code that accomplishes needed goals, respecting best practices
    The goals may involve work on simulation, tools, tech, gameplay, UI, input...
  • Actively keep in touch with overall project development plans and ongoings


  • 5+ years of programming experience (Unity preferred)
  • Excellent knowledge of at least two programming languages (C# preferred)
  • Good knowledge of version control (Git)
  • Self-organizing and proactive
  • Excellent communication and team spirit
  • Very good verbal & written communication in English
  • Presentable completed projects (professional or hobby)
  • Profound gaming history and interest


  • Experience with game development / Unity
  • Experience with specialized technologies (multiplayer, web, shaders...)
  • Interest in understanding complex gameplay systems
  • Other relevant talent (game design / UI / art / audio, etc.)
  • You can reliably interact with the community / customers

This is a full-time position, for work in our office in Belgrade, Serbia.
* Remote work is possible, determined on a case-by-case basis.

What we offer

  • Work on original, meaningful and ambitious PC and VR titles (Derail Valley currently)
  • Responsible position in a team that shipped successful games
  • Transparent exposure to all gamedev activities in-house (game design, marketing, sound design, 3D modeling, etc.)
  • Focused, efficient work environment with minimal distractions (and comfy chairs!)
  • Work from home once a week (every day during the COVID-19 outbreak)
  • Access to VR technology
  • Competitive salary

Note: Some of the perks above may not apply to remote collaborators.

Apply now!

Send us an email to jobs@altfuture.gg. Tell us a bit about yourself, include your CV and show us examples of relevant things you've made (particularly for the programmer position). We will try to reply to all applications. The positions will remain open for as long as we haven't found suitable candidates. Thanks!