Creating new directions.

Altfuture is an independent game development company based in Belgrade, Serbia. With focus on innovation, our goal is to accelerate the evolution of utility and design standards within our reach, with our custom-made software.

Derail Valley is a PC and VR open-world train driving simulator. It redefined the genre with innovations ranging from native VR support, economy driven open-world gameplay, affordable pricing and many more. Steam | News | Site

Switchcars is an action arcade PC game focused on vehicles. With 1300 of them, it is an unnofficial world record holder. It is also one of the first and highest-rated Steam games made in Serbia. Steam | News

The Team

Slobodan Stevic
Founder, CEO & Lead Designer

Nikola Paradjanin

Vladimir Kalicanin

Aleksandar Manja
Operations Manager

Aleksandar Stancic

Nenad Ognjanovic
Co-founder, CTO & Lead Programmer

Mario Vuckovic
3D Artist

Ivan Petrovic
Video Creator

Dragos Ceteras

Our team is modestly sized, but we do all development and publishing in-house. We make and promote our games with love, experience and hard work. We've endured many challenges to ensure that we stay fully independent. We see this decision as essential to our long-term goals, and in the process we've gathered a lot of experience in designing and shipping successful innovative products.

Slobodan started Altfuture in 2012. With no budget, the driving force was the passion to innovate. He released Switchcars in 2016 to high acclaim, after which Nenad joined later that year. The duo then began work on the genre-defining VR open world train simulator, Derail Valley. The team has been ramping up since.


We owe special thanks to the great team behind the Serbian Innovation Fund for funding the development of Derail Valley throughout the year 2018.

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